First Light Adventures

First Light Adventures


Surfboard and SUP Rentals

3-day minimum on all surfboards and SUPs, with free delivery and pickup.

How does it work?

Below, please select the drop off and pick up dates, general location and number of surfboards you'd like to reserve. We'll then confirm your reservation via email and gather the specifics for delivery. Included in our reply email is the liability and damage waiver that you'll need to sign in order to complete your reservation. Simple as that! Please call with questions: 207-615-6040

2023 Surfboard Rental Rates

3-day: $120/board

4-day: $150/board

5-day: $180/board

6 to 7-day: $200/board

2023 SUP Rental Rates

3-day: $180/board

4-day: $230/board

5-day: $270/board

6 to 7-day: $300/board

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Schedule the delivery and pickup dates.

*2-day minimum for all rentals. Available June through September.

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Please fill out the Rental Waiver at: prior to your reservation date.